Huggies Ultra Pants for Baby Girls XXL

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  • Brand: Huggies
  • Size: XXL
  • Baby Girls
  • Ultra Pants
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Product details of Huggies Ultra Pants for Baby Girls XXL
Gender Specific Design
2X faster Absorbency
Fullness Indicator
Clinically Proven
Huggies Ultra Pants for Baby Girls XXL

The new Huggies Ultra Pants is our best diaper pants ever, providing 5 layers of comfort for your baby: an Ultra Absorbent Layer for superior fluid absorption; Triple Leak Lock System for advanced leakage protection; 100% Breathable waistband and outer cover to keep baby’s waist bottom well-ventilated; Flexible Fit that provides a comfortable snug fit around waist and leg area; and All-Around Cottony Softness to keep baby comfortable. What’s more, Huggies Ultra Pants come in adorable designs for boys and girls!.Overnight

Provides up to 12 hours absorbency for baby pleasant sleep through the night.
Cushiony Soft Fit: Ultimate soft materials tenderly wrap around baby delicate skin.
Specially Designed Comfort Fit: Provides a comfortable fit around the waist and leg area.
Air-through Comfort: New airy top sheet with 100% breathable waistband keeps baby waist and bottom well-ventilated.
Wetness Indicator: Cute yellow patterns turn blue when baby urinates to indicate the need for a diaper change.
Advanced Leakage Barriers: 2-layer leg guards gently embrace baby thighs while maintaining effective leakage protection.


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