50Pcs Disposable Mouth Face Masks 3-layer Respirator Mask Dust-Proof Personal Protection


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  • Three-layer filtration
  • high elastic Plush ear rope
  • adjustable bridge clamp
  • firm edge pressing without a loose mouth.


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LushCOllections keeps close contact with suppliers to strive for more high-quality health protection products at affordable prices. For the limited supply, to serve more customers, we advocate limited purchases per person.


Name: Disposable Face Mask
Color: Blue
Specification: 50 pieces / pack
Material: 3 layers of non-woven fabric
Function: dust-proof, haze proof, pollen proof, and droplet proof
– Three-layer filtration, high elastic Plush ear rope, adjustable bridge clamp, firm edge pressing without a loose mouth.
– Draping, joint face, no bound feeling, wear comfortable.
– Low breathing resistance, high-efficiency filter, folding a stereoscopic 360 ° breathing space.

– High elastic ear rope will not hurt your ears.


1. After inspection, this item complies with GB/T 32610-2016 standard.
2. CE certificate is being registered, if you are more stringent requirements for CE certificate, please buy it carefully.

Package included:
1 x 50Pcs/Pack Disposable Face Mask


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