Zic X1 20W-50 – Gasoline Engine Oil – 1Ltr


  • Brand: Zic
  • 1Ltr
  • Zic X1 20W-50
  • Gasoline Engine Oil
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  • SAE Grade 20W-50
  • API SG
  • Kinematic Viscosity cst 40°C 168
  • Kinematic Viscosity cst 100°C 19
  • Viscosity Index 128
  • Flash Point, °C 250
  • Pour Point, °C -24


General Characteristics

ZIC X1 is a multi-viscosity gasoline engine oil, blended with a highly refined base & selected additives, suitable for a wide range of passenger cars & light commercial vehicles.

Recommendations / Specifications

  • API SG
  • Meets or exceeds engine oil specifications of major car manufacturers.

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