Vital-Pack of 6 Lemon & Tea Extract Soap 115g.


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A foundation of healthy Clean smell of Lemon & Tea, which keeps you active and on the go.A fragrance that is not just healthy but smells clean also.Animal fat free halal Soap.A bath size soap for your house hold.Weight : 115gGentle on skinRefreshing fragranceVital Group (VG)

Vital Group (VG), as a business, is a unique blend of Asian values and global standards of quality. A strong people (relationship) orientation coupled with professional integrity and highest level of commitment to delivering quality in all our products and services ? this unique combination has lent VG a special recognition and acknowledgement both in the business community and society at large. This business philosophy of VG is reflected in all our interactions and transactions, inland and outland.

Business, for VG, is primarily a Social Enterprise. The very reason why VG came into being was to respond to the society?s needs to have access to quality products. Quality is our main product and Trust is our earning. Quality is what we sell and Trust is what we earn.

The Vital Group started its operations in 1991 with the launch of VITAL TEA ? which has now become the choice of every third person who drinks tea in Pakistan. With its passion to serve and due to the high demand from its customers and buyers, VG has now also launched other personal care items, such as VITAL BEAUTY SOAP.

Vital Tea

Vital Tea is VG very first product which was launched at a small town in Punjab, ?Haroonabad?. Within a very short span of time, we started selling it across the country and to a larger market outside Pakistan also. Vital Tea?s export started since 2005. The tea is now available in different flavours.

Vital Tea leafs are hand-picked in the mountains of Kenya. To capture the aroma of the tea, these leafs are, then, processed on the same day and shipped to our facility in Pakistan. Our Master Chef blends the mixture for a rich colour and taste that touches the hearts through taste buds. Every cup of Vital Tea provides a hot and refreshing blend of perfect aroma, colour, and taste that serves your taste buds well.

Due to high demand of our customers, green tea product will also be available in the local and global market.

Vital Beauty Soap Range

Vital Revitalizing Beauty Soap was launched in 2013 since then the Vital Group has introduced Ocean Fresh, Lemon & Tea Extract & Chiffon Feel for its customers, Its fruity range is the latest addition to the Vital Family. Its design, texture and fragrance is such that it has created a higher demand for local & export.

Vital Revitalizing Beauty Soap is a Certified HALAL SOAP. Its revitalizing moisturizer cleans your skin and makes your skin look soft, healthy and glowing with a superb fragrance.

Specifications of Pack of 6 Lemon & Tea Extract Soap 115g. Brand Vital SKU VI370HB1GNDB6NAFAMZ-2853907 Ideal Usage Not Specified Fragranced YesWhat?s in the box6x Soap


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