The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%


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  • Brand: The Ordinary
  • Item Type: Face Serum
  • Certificate Number: Latic Acid 10%
  • Feature1: Gentle Hydration, Relieving Irritation
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Color: as shown
Size: 3*3*15.3cm
Packing list: 1*Lactic Acid Essence

✦ feature
1. About 10% lactic acid + hyaluronic acid 10% + HA is a high-strength exfoliating serum with lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.
2. The key ingredient is lactic acid: an alpha hydroxy acid that can be slightly exfoliated to reveal more transparent and radiant skin.
3. Sodium hyaluronate cross-linking agent: a kind of hyaluronic acid, which can increase the moisture content of the skin and make the skin plump, soft, and smooth.
4. Tasmanian pepper: a plant extract that reduces the irritation associated with acid use.

✦ Instructions for use:
Use it once a day for better results at night. It can be diluted with other care products to weaken the efficacy of this product until the skin develops tolerance. Avoid contact with eyes. If it continues to cause skin irritation, please stop using it and seek medical advice promptly.
(Sunburn warning: This product contains fruit acid (AHA), which may increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, especially causing sunburn. When using this product and within one week afterward, please use sunscreen and wear sunscreen clothing, Reduce direct sunlight.)

Tip: Do not use lactic acid on sensitive, peeling or damaged skin.

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