Tapal-Moroccan Green Tea Mint 45gm (30 Tea Bags)


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  • Brand: Tapal
  • 45gm
  • (30 Tea Bags)
  • Moroccan Green Tea Mint
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30 Tea Bags Green Tea MintPremium quality45gm Items may be restricted per customerGreen tea aids digestion by boosting your body’s natural metabolic rate which may assist weight loss and reduce abdominal fat. Green Tea contains Theanine which promotes relaxation. Its powerful antioxidants help fight ageing and various types of cancer,Delivered stock will have a minimum of 30 days expiry.No returns will be accepted for items having a minimum expiry of 30 days.Specifications of Moroccan Green Tea Mint 45gm (30 Tea Bags) Brand Tapal SKU TA011OTFW7SWNAFAMZ-2573756 Express delivery Karachi dMart KarachiWhat?s in the box1 x TAPAL GREEN TEA Mint 45gm (30 Tea Bags)


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