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  • Scoop Colander Strainer Spoon
  • Weight: 70g
  • Material: PP
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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS  Made of thick and durable heat-resistant nylon, this professional scoop strainer works for both hot foods and cold foods, even fried foods. Use it instead of your kitchen colander to strain pasta, vegetables, roasted or boiled potatoes, and more. Dishwasher safe.
PERFECT SIZE  Larger than a slotted spoon, this strainer skimmer saves you time and more importantly keeps you safe. Just scoop out your spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna noodles, gnocchi, boiled eggs, poached eggs, empanadas, tater tots, pierogis, even the most delicate foods. The long handle protects your hands from splashes. It Will not transfer heat like metal scoops. Mesh holes are the perfect size to enable quick draining and hold on to the food.
SAFER THAN A REGULAR COLANDER  Lifting a pouring a large pot full of boiling water and pasta is dangerous. Keep the heavy pot on a solid surface and use our scoop colander to safely serve the hottest foods. You can now safely lower eggs into boiling water. Keep your family safe!
SAVE TIME ON COOKING AND CLEANUP   Save a step! Just scoop your food out of the pot or frying it into your serving bowl. No need to pour it into a colander and then a serving containing it. Cleanup is a breeze. Just put it in the dishwasher or quickly wash it up by hand.
HEAT RESISTANT    Use up to 392 degrees F/200 degrees C. We promise a happy & superior customer experience.

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