Molfix Jumbo Pack Size 6 – 46 Pcs

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  • Brand: Molfix
  • Size: Size 6 XL
  • Pics: 46 pcs 15kg
  • Baby Diaper Pack of 3 Jumbo Packs
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Get The Best Molfix Diapers Size 6 Price In Pakistan

A baby’s skin is like a feather, soft and delicate. It deserves special care and comfort. Molfix 3D Diapers are made to provide your baby’s gentle skin with the protection and comfort it needs. Its super stretchy elastic adapts to the baby’s waist size to give a gentle, comfortable. The New Molfix Comfort Fix instantly absorbs and retains any fluid and keeps the skin dry. It ensures freedom of movement thanks to its anatomical structure and elastic sidebands. Also, it is skin-friendly!

  • Skin-friendly
  • Ultra Absorption
  • Elastic & Anatomic
  • 3D Technology preventing sagging; More Elastic Side Bands
  • Comfortable and Flexible Central Elastic System
  • Skin Friendly Approved.
  • AirSoft Technology to keep it breathable
  • Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extracts that prevents rashes


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