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  • * Screen size: 1.28 inch round screen
  • * Blood pressure: blood pressure measurement
  • * Blood oxygen: blood oxygen measurement
  • * Dynamic heart rate: exercise heart rate curve
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* Acceleration sensor: Lanwei SC7A20
* Heart rate: Tianyi Hexin 3300 high-precision hand-rate module, hand-rate detection + high-pressure detection
* Screen: IPS true color screen
* Screen size: 1.28 inch round screen
* Resolution: 240×240
* Blood pressure: blood pressure measurement
* Blood oxygen: blood oxygen measurement
* Dynamic heart rate: exercise heart rate curve
* Touch: full touch
* Key: switch machine key + return key
* Ambient temperature: working temperature 10-50 degrees
* Charging: Clip charging cable
* Bluetooth; Bluetooth LE 5.0+3.0
* Battery capacity: 200MA use about 4-7 days, theoretical standby 30 days, fully charged in 2 hours

System software category
* Andiord system: Support Android 4.4 and above
* IOS system: Apple IOS9.0 or above
* Pedometer/calories: support
* Sleep monitoring: support
* Vibration motor: support
* Alarm reminder: Support
* Incoming call rejection: Support
* Incoming call answering: support
* Bluetooth call: support
* Music player: support
* Screen brightness adjustment: support
* Weather synchronization: connect to APP to synchronize
* Contact synchronization: 8 contacts can be synchronized
* Bluetooth dialing: dial directly from the watch
* Harassing call; built-in harassing call display
* Stopwatch: Support
* Multi-sports modes: walking, running, riding, skipping rope, basketball, swimming, badminton, football, 8 sports modes
* Sedentary reminder: Support
* Drink water reminder: Support
* Incoming call reminder/SMS reminder: Android, IOS push incoming call and message content
* Other pushes: SMS WeChat QQ Twitter Facebook and other 10 kinds of pushes, all pushes are optional
* WeChat sports: Join the WeChat sports ranking (private WeChat public account can be customized)
* Dynamic heart rate: dynamic heart rate histogram display and analysis
* Remote camera: click, shake
* Dial selection: Three fixed dial selections, plus a custom dial, plus an online massive dial selection
* Remote control music: control the phone player to pause the previous song, the next song
* Air upgrade: support
*  multi-lingual:
Watch icon language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese
App languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian
Information push: According to the phone language, all support.
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