3/6/12 Pcs Food Silicone Cover Cap Universal Silicone Lids for Cookware Bowl Microwave Reusable Stretch Lids Food Wrap


  • Style: Chinese
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color:White,Blue,Pink,Green
  • Size:6.5cm,9.5cm,10.5cm,14.5cm,16.5cm,20cm
  • 2 to 5 Working Days Delivery Time


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SKU: 61MHII4QL Category: Brand: As Seen On Tv


1.3/6/12Pcs kitchen silicone cover.Can be stretched to suit a variety of different sizes.

2.Silicone material.BPA Free and reusable.

3.Can be used in microwaves or refrigerators. Keep food fresh.

4.Strong adsorption, leak-proof.

Pay Attention

1.The product can be stretched. And according to different products. Choose the right size.

2.A certain amount of stretching is required. In order to package the product completely and

tightly.Form adsorption and sealing effect.


Style: Chinese

Material: Silicone



Package includes:

Option 1: 6 X silicone covers (white/blue/pink/green)

Option 2: 12 X silicone covers (white/blue/pink/green)

Option 3: 3 X silicone cover(random color)
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